Ringless Voicemail

Introduction RVM .

Ringless voicemail or voicemail drop is a service that offers the ability to place pre-record audio messages into a voicemail inbox without a phone ringing with the help of the software. It is the most powerful way to target a large audience. Athos offers cost-effective ringless voicemail services with high callback opportunities and a high listen rate.

Features Of RVM .

  • 1 Schedule sends

    Our ringless service offers schedule delivery of your messages to send for a specific date and time.

  • 2 Personalized messages

    You can send a prerecorded personalized message to each recipient.

  • 3 Auto Follow-Ups

    We can integrate with your CRM software to auto follow up on your calls.

  • 4 Reporting and Analytics

    Full report and analytics for every call to ensure that call drops are receiving callbacks.

Features Of RVM .

  • 1Most effective tools

    Ringless voicemail help industries and companies boost their brand.

  • 2 Unlimited Contacts

    Our ringless voicemail service support unlimited contacts for your campaigns.

  • 3Detect Call Looping

    Our ringless voicemail service has the feature of detecting the call looping and stop the call on such a number.

  • 4 Direct to Voicemail

    Ringless voicemails are sent directly to a voice mailbox, so they are great for marking campaigns.

Features Of RVM .

  • 1 Custom Call Scripts

    We create a concise and impressive call script for your campaign to ensure high listen rate.

  • 2 High Listen rate

    Ringless voicemails have a 96% listen-to rate with a 93% open rate, so it is the best direct marketing tool.

  • 3Support mobile and landlines

    Athos offers a ringless voice messaging service that is mobile and fixed landline phone friendly.

  • 4 Reporting and Analytics

    Full report and analytics for every call to ensure that call drops are receiving callbacks.

Best Benefits

Benefits of RVM

  • 4Natural and conversational

    We offer natural and conversational voicemail delivery.

  • 5Target a Larger Audience

    Most powerful way to target a large audience

  • 6 Higher ROI

    Cost effective and high callback rate make it higher ROI

  • 4 Cost Effective

    Cost-effective tool of promotional activities for small to large businesses.

  • 5 100% Compliant

    Compliant with TCPA, FCC, and CRTC,

  • 6Proven Results

    Generate quality leads with higher conversion rates


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