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Custom Blockchain Solutions

Are you looking for top blockchain development companies? Athos is the top-notched blockchain development company. Our highly experienced team builds decentralized applications, Hyperledger, wallets, marketplaces, and other custom blockchain solutions. We provide secure and peer-to-peer microtransaction options to different industries.

Our Blockchain Soultions

We provide Custom Blockchain Solutions.

  • Real Estate
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain
  • Finance & Banking
  • Retail & E-Commerce
Our Technology

Blockchain Technology Development .

  • 1 Hyperledger

    We build blockchain apps based on the open-source project Hyperledger that use to build enterprise-grade applications.

  • 2Decentralized Applications (dApps)

    We have expertise in building enterprise-grade decentralized applications on top blockchain networks such as CORDA, Stellar, TRON, EOS, Ethereum etc.

  • 3Smart Contracts Development

    We build and deploy smart contracts for dApps, crowdfunding, private and public blockchain networks.

Crypto Trading Bot Development

Being a leading cryptocurrency trading bots development company, we can help businesses to fulfill their trading bot requirements. Our highly experienced team has expertise in building custom cryptocurrency trading bots that make your transactions secure and fast.

  • 1Cryptocurrency Trading Bot Development
  • 3Bitcoin Trading Bot Development
  • 3Tecnical & fundamental analysis
  • 3Integration with any crypto exchange
Our Technology

NFT Development .


Athos offers robust and innovative NFT platform development services that meet your business requirements and give a seamless buying experience to your customers. Our NFT development team is specialized in NFT token standards such as ERC-1155, ERC-721, ERC-998, and TRC-721.

  • 1 NFT Smart Contracts Audit
  • 2NFT Design and Development
  • 3NFT Support and Maintenance
  • 4NFT Exchange Development
  • 5Smart Contracts Development

Custom Blockchain Applications.

  • 1Blockchain-based Marketplaces

    Our expert team builds peer-to-peer decentralized marketplaces based on Blockchain. Our solutions help sellers, buyers, and producers to connect directly.

  • 3Blockchain wallets

    Athos expert team builds wallet apps and software based on blockchain. Our wallet solutions are rich with features like balance checking, transaction summary, generate public and private keys, and much more.


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