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Athos builds innovative IoT solutions for enterprises to consumer electronics startups. Our team has expertise in transforming your ideas and analog products into smart digital products using sensors, firmware, and IoT platforms. We help businesses to expand new possibilities with our Internet of Things solutions. Being a top-notched IoT Development Company, We offer scalable and high-end IoT solutions at an affordable cost.

  • 1Face Recognition System

    We build an intelligent face recognition system for user authentication and security. We use IoT with Artificial intelligence to develop secured smart platforms and gadgets.

  • 2 Weather Reporting System

    Athos build IoT-based solutions for weather forecasting and real-time reporting of weather statistics such as temperature, humidity, forecasting, historical data, etc.

  • 3Home Automation System

    We build intelligent home automation systems based on IoT. Our solutions improve home safety and make people's lives convenient.

  • 4 Smart Agriculture System

    We build smart farming systems using IoT that help farmers to maximize agricultural production at a reduced cost.

  • 1Air pollution Monitor System

    Athos build intelligent air pollution monitor systems using IoT to monitor air quality and other air pollution measures.

  • 2 Smart Parking System

    We build IoT-based software for parking management activities like manage free and occupied parking places, parking allotment, payments, and others.

  • 3Smart Garage Door

    We build an IoT-based smart garage doors system that allows you to operate doors using mobile from anywhere.

  • 4Smart Alarm Clock

    Our IoT-based smart alarm clock helps you to manage your daily activities and improve wake-up routines.

  • 1 Smart Cradle System

    Athos offers the next-generation intelligent cradle system for working parents and housewives that help you to monitor your baby without any stress.

  • 2Streetlight Monitor System

    Our expert team build a streetlight monitor system that controls street lights, reduces electricity wastage and line loss.

  • 3Smart Gas Leakage Detector Bot

    We build intelligent LPG gas detecting and warning system based on Internet of Things with safety features.

  • 4 Smart Traffic Management System

    Athos build an IoT-based traffic management system that helps traffic controllers to manage and monitor traffic and solve other traffic problems.

  • 1Smart Anti-Theft System

    Our expert team builds smart anti-theft systems using the Internet of Things for vehicles, shops, offices, and homes.

  • 2Health Monitoring System

    We offer a health monitoring system based on IoT that helps to monitor pulse rate, oxygen level, body temperature, etc.

  • 3Liquid level Monitoring System

    We build a liquid level monitoring system using IoT that helps to measure the liquid level at water tanks, liquid-gas tanks, chemical tanks, etc.

  • 4Night Patrol Robot

    Our team has expertise in building safety solutions like night patrol robots with sound sensors and night vision cameras.

  • 1 Mining Worker Safety Helmet

    Our IoT-based smart helmet for miners improves the safety of the miners and is rich with all safety features.

  • 2 Smart Energy Grid

    Our next-generation intelligent smart energy grid system based on IoT helps to reduce line losses, monitor consumption, grid load, and theft detection.

  • 3 Flood detection System

    We build intelligent flood monitoring solutions using IoT that help quick and accurate prediction of floods and help to prevent damages.

  • 4 Smart Irrigation System

    We build smart irrigation systems based on IoT that control watering schedules according to landscape needs.


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