AI Solftware Development

Artificial Intelligence
  • 1 Computer Vision

    We build computer vision apps like image analysis, biometric authentication, face & object recognition, etc.

  • 2Machine Learning

    We develop deep learning, machine learning, and other AI software systems.

  • 3Robotic Process Automation

    We build RPA software for automation tasks like streamline workflows, making calculations, moving files & folders, etc.

  • 4 Chatbot Development

    We offer personalized chatbot solutions for marketing, support, and sales functions.

  • 6Natural Language Processing

    We develop NLP solutions to analyze content, queries, data, audio source, etc.

  • 5Mobile Applications

    We offer AI-based Mobile Application development that incorporates image, speech, facial recognition, and machine learning.

Our expertise

Custom AI Software Solutions


Being a top Artificial Intelligence software development company, we offer custom AI software, big data, and data science solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our cutting-edge AI solutions are best for your business operations automation - from content production to delivery.

  • 1Data-Driven Decision Making

    We build intelligent systems based on AI that help make data-driven decisions, operational forecasting, risk analysis, predictions, and predictive maintenance.

  • 2Facial Recognition

    We build intelligent facial recognition solutions with the integration of facial recognition APIs, like FaceFirst, Deep Vision AI, Trueface, and Amazon Rekognition to identify and verify a face.

  • 3Video, Image, and Text Analysis

    Our AI-based solutions are perfect for retrieving important information from audio, video, images, text.

  • 4AI-driven workflow automation

    We build intelligent AI solutions to automate your complex workflow, streamline task execution, implement content QC, and improve decision-making.

  • 5AI-based IoT Solutions

    We build intelligent AI-based Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, IoT edge processing, IoT sensors, and smart devices. Our AI-based IoT solutions help businesses to achieve business goals.

  • 6Data Mining & Predictive Analysis

    We build data mining and predictive analytics software solutions that help organizations to anticipate consumer behaviors and decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integrations


Our expert team can easily integrate third-party AI APIs into custom-build AI-based applications and platforms.

  • 1Robotic Process Automation API

    Our team has the expertise to integrate industry-leading RPA APIs such as BluePrism, UIPath, Automation Anywhere, and Pega API.

  • 2Machine Learning & AI API

    We integrate all industry-leading machine learning software APIs like TensorFlow, IBM Watson, Mahout, and Weka.

  • 3Chatbot & Facial Recognition API

    We integrate chatbot APIs like Engati, Chatbot, ManyChat, and FreshChat and facial recognition APIs like Deep Vision AI, FaceFirst.


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