Call Center Software Solution

Our enterprise-level call center software solutions enable seamless communication between you and your customers and help achieve better customer satisfaction, business revenue, business insights. Our cutting-edge call center solutions are rich with all features such as call monitoring, call processing, ACD call routing, IVR, and CTI (computer telephony interface). Athos is one of the best call center software companies that provide a wide range of call center products and serve all types of the call center listed below:

Call Center Varieties.

  • 1Virtual Call Center
  • 2Inbound Call Center
  • 3Outbound Call Center
  • 4Offshore Call Center
  • 5Blended Call Center
  • 6Telemarketing Call Center

Our Call Center Features.

Athos offers feature-rich call center software solutions at an affordable price.

  • 1Advanced Call Distribution
  • 2Automated Call Scripting
  • 3Progressive Dialer
  • 4Manual Dialer
  • 5Call Monitoring
  • 6Caller ID
  • 7Historical Reporting
  • 8DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Number Support
  • 9Call Recording
Best Features

Call Management Software

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system

Pre-recoded Voice messages based on touch-tone.

Web &
CRM Integration

Our call management solutions can integrate with all leading CRM.

Streamlined communication

Provide streamlined communication with manage calls efficiently and save time.

Increase productivity

Reduce repetitive tasks with features like autodialer and automated call.

Better customer experience

focus on business without any tension of calling campaigns.

24x7 Support

Always available for 24x7 to handle any issue


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