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Healthcare and Software Development

We build robust, custom healthcare software and applications for hospitals, clinics, physicians, ancillary facilities, and health and research organizations. Being a top healthcare and fitness software development company, We offer custom medical and healthcare apps and software like telemedicine apps, CRM, fitness apps, and much more.

Our Healthcare Software

We build Healthcare Software.

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Custom Healthcare Software Solutions .

  • 1 EHR and EMR Solutions

    Our team of expert developers builds Electronic Health Record (EHR) software solutions that help medical practitioners and institutions increase productivity and maintain quality.

  • 2Healthcare Application Development

    We build stunning and innovative mobile apps for the healthcare industry..

  • 2Telemedicine Portal Development

    We have expertise in building telemedicine apps that offer real-time patient engagement, data encryption, and much more.

Pharmacy Management Software Solutions.

Our custom-built pharmacy management software solutions help pharmacies to streamline their workflow, maintain effective communications. We provide cutting-edge software development services including pharmacy inventory software, accounting management software, etc.

  • 1Pharmacy Automation System

    We build automation software and apps that help pharmacies to run daily operations smoothly without any errors.

  • 2 Inventory Management Systems

    Athos has expertise in building inventory management software for pharmacies that help you to maintain expiry, stock, etc.

  • 3Pharmacy Management System

    Athos offers pharmacy management softwares and apps for manage inventory, patient info, workflow, and financial reporting.


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