Voice Broadcasting Solution .

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique that enables you to send instant automated voice messages to a large number of targeted customers at once, such as alerts, announcements, promotions, surveys, and others. You can create, schedule, and send automated voice messages to your target audience with our voice broadcasting service.

Voice Broadcasting Features .

  • 1 Text to Speech

    Our voice broadcasting service has a feature of text to speech with premium voices. You can also upload your audio file.

  • 2 Call tracking & recording

    You can easily track and record the calls with our voice broadcasting service.

  • 3 Multi-choice

    Our broadcasting service captures a single digit between 0 and 9.

  • 4 Personalized Recordings

    Personalized voice messages so that recipients listen to the entire message.

Voice Broadcasting Features .

  • 5 Import contacts

    You can import large contacts lists from the spreadsheets.

  • 6 Call Transfer

    Transfer the call to an agent helps to lead generation.

  • 7 DNC

    With the Do Not Call feature, recipients can opt-out of further calls.

  • 8 Report & analytics

    Our real-time and detailed reports let you make better decisions.

Voice Broadcasting Features .

  • 4 Answering Machine Detection

    Reschedule the call if the answering machine picks instead of the human.

  • 5 Customized caller ID

    Use dynamic caller id for a different contact list or set a single caller id to many contact lists.

  • 6 Interactive Voice Response

    Play dynamically generated voice messages to track responses from the caller.

  • 6 A/B Testing

    Different voices and accents of your message to see the engagement of the customer. Test different messages and offers to attract clients.

Best Solutions

Voice Broadcasting Solution

  • 1 Improved productivity

    Help to increase sales by reaching a large group of people.

  • 2 Affordable

    Athos offers high-performing voice broadcasting services at an affordable cost.

  • 3 Brand Building

    Help to build a brand with large-scale promotional activities to target customers.

  • 4 Web based system

    Start a voice broadcasting campaign without the setup of complex infrastructure.

  • 5 Enhanced Customer Support

    Get round-the-clock customer support with our voice broadcasting service.

  • 6 Flexible and Customizable

    Easily create mailing lists and send personalized messages at any time.


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